UP Super Agent

A UP Super-Agent is any person authorized or duly approved to sign up sub-agents on a partnership basis.

The UP Super-Agent should be an existing UP Agent Manager and could either operate at the National or State level in line with the existing UP Agent Manager Level. Hence the UP Agent Manager is therefore eligible to have a dual role. The UP Agent Manger in this regards adopts his second role as a UP Super-Agent and sets up sub-agents via a UP Super Agency Portal and not from the UP Agency Network Platform on Payattitude Digital.

Upon registering the sub-agents, while adopting his role as a Super-Agent, a fee of N10,000.00 and specified funding for the prepaid account of the sub–agents will be deducted directly from account of the UP Super -Agent to successfully complete the registration. The UP Super-Agent is also required to set the percentage of the Agency Commission he will assign to his sub-agent, the rest is earned by the Super-Agent in addition to the Agent Manager commission on same transactions. The UP Sub-Agent Manger is completely responsible for Agent sign-up and guidance on its operations without recourse to UP.

As part of the sub- Agent set-up, a POS terminal may be required for cash withdrawal for customers who may want to transact with Card. Certain hardware may also be required for some services e.g. BVN registration

Note: The sub-agents are not agents of UP rather are sub-agents for the UP Super- Agent.

Terms and Condition

  • In order for a UP Super-Agent to be paid commission, he must ensure that he appropriately sets up all sub agents and the commission structure on the UP Super Agency portal.
  • UP Super-Agent is expected to act with integrity and character: if any UP Super-Agent is known not to act as such, UP reserves the right revoke license.
  • Any UP Super-Agent that defrauds or engages in any irregularities while dealing with members of the public will be blacklisted and reported to regulators and law enforcement agencies for prosecution.
  • UP Super-Agent must ensure the sub-agents display Signages at their respective locations. These Signages will be available at UP’s State offices and other designated locations.
  • Available services and commission payable to UP Super-Agent per transaction through its Sub-Agent’s operations is dependent on the sharing ratio of the commission detailed under the UP Agent commissions Table. Hence Commissions due to the UP Super-Agent per transaction is a percentage (as apportioned to him) of the Agency commission detailed under the UP Agent Commissions table plus the Agent Manager Commission, as detailed under the UP Agent Manager Commissions table.
  • All Commissions are subject to change by UP.