UP Agency Network

UP Agency Network is the new frontier for Financial Inclusion in Nigeria. This will not only bring financial services to the under-banked but also provide an aggregation or a convergence of financial and non-financial institutions to provide services at lower cost, wider reach and greater convenience to all Nigerians. At the center of all this, is UP’s passion for Nigeria and its desire and plan to positively impact the lives of Nigerians by providing business opportunity for millions of Nigerians to:

a) Be self-employed (if currently unemployed) or grow existing businesses.
b) Earn more income from commissions on the service offering.

To the end users – UP Agency Network will provide a level playing field for benefits not limited to the following:
a. Access to financial services irrespective of location
b. Reduce travel time and stress to bank branches
c. Eliminate waiting time and long queues at ATMs
d. Increase efficient service delivery
e. Convenient cash deposit, cash withdrawal and transfers outside working hours.
f. Bill payment and Airtime vending at convenience
g. Access to non-financial transactions such as account opening, BVN registration, NIMC registration

UP is committed to delivering all the values and benefits of Agency Network to all Nigerians - banked or unbanked.

To be a part of the success story and value chain, opportunities are available for all Nigerians to become either a “UP Agent”, a “UP Agent Manager” or operate as both within UP Agency Network.

Download “PayAttitude digital” on your respective mobile store app and get registered. No formal application is required. It is a self-service.