PayAttitude and Unified Payments deliver innovative solutions for retail payments in emerging markets.

PayAttitude and Unified Payments deliver innovative solutions for retail payments in emerging markets.

Lagos, Nigeria. May 8, 2015. Nigeria’s leading electronic payments service provider, Unified Payments Services Limited a.k.a Unified Payments and PayAttitude have introduced PayAttitude, the first-ever interoperable multi-bank Chip+PIN and Offline/Online contactless solution for retail commerce and banking to the Nigerian market.

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Unified Payments, Agada Apochi speaking at the formal launch in Lagos, remarked that PayAttitude is a revolutionary step forward in Nigeria’s retail commerce and banking sector: “PayAttitude guarantees subscribers the confidence and comfort of successful payment for goods and services at merchant locations at all times notwithstanding the challenges of telecommunication at the Point of Sale (PoS) terminal or the unavailability of network of the Subscriber’s bank. It is also compatible with works on all types of mobile phone handset and all networks, making it possible for the phone handset to be used for retails payments at Points of Sale. PayAttitude uses Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to achieve seamless interaction between the subscriber’s phone handset and PoS terminals”.

Two variants of PayAttitude - the PayAttitude Debit and the PayAttitude Prepaid/Mobile - were showcased at the launch with particular emphasis on the convenient, safe and secure transactions they guarantee for subscribers.

Titilayo Olubiyi, Country Manager, PayAttitude said: “ The critical difference between the two variants is that Prepaid/Mobile can be obtained at authorised agent locations without a bank account while the Debit is used with bank accounts thereby delivering on the objectives of Agency Banking and Financial Inclusion. The great thing about both variants is that they deliver a 100% success rate on all transactions, as long as the subscriber’s electronic purse is funded.  

“PayAttitude is easy for anyone to use - just visit any participating bank or authourised retail outlet to get your Tag, attach to your mobile and at any POS anywhere, tap and welcome to a world of mobile transactions made easy and secure”, Olubiyi added.

Leading Nigerian banks were given Certificates at the event licensing the banks to offer PayAttitude to their customers and to provide acceptance at merchant points of sale.

The launch event was attended by industry leaders in banking, payments, manufacturing, retail, etc.