Our Services

At Unified Payment Services Limited, we facilitate payment transactions for our clients beyond boundaries, beyond limits! Our Processing services, anchored on Professionalism, Reliability, Integrity, Dependability and Execution through teamwork makes us the PRIDE of Africa in the card payment industry. Through our creative service delivery methodology, based on our integrated processing circuit, we offer our clients cost efficient cutting edge solutions that positively impact their bottom lines.

Processing Services

Whether your need is to implement a Debit, Prepaid or Credit Card Issuing programme or you want to acquire these card products at your ATMs or through Points of Sale devices, Unified Payments’ EMV and PCI-DSS certified online authorization platforms and processes provide an efficient backbone that enables you deliver on your promises to your cardholders.

Merchant Services

Unified Payment Services Limited is the joint acquirer of Visa card transactions at all merchant locations in Nigeria, be it at physical Point of Sale (PoS) or virtually on the Internet.


PayAttitude® is the first-ever interoperable multi-bank and mobile network-independent NFC-based contactless solution for m-Commerce and m-Banking.


Payarena is a value added services platform that offers customers access to services which include purchase of Airtime (Virtual Top Up, Prepaid PINs etc) for all Telcos in Nigeria, payment of bills to major utility service providers, collection services platform to public and corporate organization, churches etc and Money Transfer service.

Switching Services

Given our network of links with banks in Nigeria, Unified Payments is also able to provide switching services between Issuers and Acquirers in Nigeria, thereby significantly reducing connectivity costs between Issuers and Acquirers as well as increasing the throughput, through a significant reduction in potential points of failure.

Value Added Services

Managing your card portfolios through Unified Payments also offers you the following exceptional forward looking cost-saving opportunities that align with your retail card strategy:

UP Agency Network

UP Agency Network is the new frontier for Financial Inclusion in Nigeria. This will not only bring financial services to the under-banked but also provide an aggregation or a convergence of financial and non-financial institutions to provide services at lower cost, wider reach and greater convenience to all Nigerians.