UP® otherwise known as Unified Payments or Unified Payment Services Limited is a group of companies with services including Financial Technology, Banking, Payment Scheme, Digital Commerce, Value Added Service, Payment Solutions, Software Solutions, etc. The UP® Group comprises (i) UP® which is Nigeria's premier financial technology service provider (ii) Hope PSBank which is Nigeria's premier payment service bank (iii) Payattitude® which is a digital-first payment scheme (iv) UP Digital which is a telecom value added service provider; and (v) TM30 which is software solutions provider.

UP is owned by a consortium of leading Nigerian banks. Incorporated as SmartCard Nigeria Plc, the Company was later known as ValuCard Nigeria Plc. Following the decommissioning of our domestic card scheme and the diversification and transformation into a scheme-neutral and financial and technology services group of companies, the name of the company became Unified Payment Services Limited otherwise known as UP® or Unified Payments®. The trademarks and brands of the UP Group include UP®, Payattitude, Payarena, Payarena Mall, Payarena Verification, Payarena VAS, Hope PSBank, UP Digital and TM30.

At UP®, we PRIDE ourselves in our mission statement of Professionalism, Respect, Innovation, Dependability, and Execution. In demonstration of our cross-enterprise alliances and capabilities, companies in the UP® group provide diverse services to different businesses that offer similar or the same services as our company and her subsidiaries or associates.